Data Backup Support Services

Data Backup Support Services

Prevent Data Loss and Minimize Downtime

CSIntel's data backup support services deliver near-continuous data protection and replication to an off-site appliance or to the cloud; this is available as a hardware or virtual appliance.

Furthermore, CSIntel's data backup support lets you quickly recover files encrypted by ransomware. Simply eliminate the malware, delete the bad files, and restore them from a recent backup. Recovery can take as little as an hour—and the bad guys go home empty-handed.

  • Full local backup and restore
  • Inline, block-level, source- and target-based deduplication
  • Built-in WAN acceleration
  • Cloud or site-to-site replication
  • Real-time inline replication to offsite storage
  • Export to Amazon Web Services (AWS), external disk, tape, autoloaders, or robotic libraries
  • Near-continuous data protection
  • VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT)
  • Encrypted client and server communication for additional security
  • In case of disaster, recovery can deliver a new unit preloaded with data and configuration backed up to Cloud s

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